Technology troubles

Decided to move to the next level in WiFi this weekend and am still paying the price. Every time I do this I know it’s going to take days to get it sorted again. To date I’ve used a simple WiFi network – one desktop plugged into ADSL and a laptop that can talk to it over the air. Two simple cards and it’s all done. Something in me thought it would be better to get an access point, an ethernet modem (with firewall and NAT and whatever that’s all about) – then the desktop wouldn’t need to be on for me to use the ‘net (it still would for using the printer, but that’s a task for another day) and I might even be able to plug my Xbox in and play games over the air too. It’s all a bit hard. None of it worked first time, of course it never does. But I haven’t managed to put it back together again so far. Ho hummm … another job for next weekend.

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