End of the Red Herring era

The Red Herring has closed its doors after nearly 10 years. This magazine taught me a lot about what goes on in the tech world. I read it almost continuously from about 1994 through 2001 – watching it grow until it was pretty much phone book sized (albeit mostly ads). The other day I was going through some boxes fresh back from storage – that had last seen the light of day in 1996 – and I found a whole bunch of issues. Naturally I threw them away. I guess there won’t be any more of those to store. So, the Industry Standard is gone, Red Herring … that leaves Business 2.0 (which merged with one of Fortune’s magazines I think), Fast Company and Upside (is that still there, it’s not clear it is from the site). Shows how brutal this economy has become.

The RH site doesn’t say it’s gone, but then take a look at onlineinsider … Robert Seidman’s former must-read newsletter, last updated in August 2000 and not a word since. I can imagine some blogs will take that path over the next few months or so.

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