Stats and bloody stats

Just checking my log files this morning to see who visits the site (both the diverdiver home page and this blog). Traffic is up about 250% since the Guardian piece by Mike Cross – and I’m still getting referrals from that funnily enough.

The other thing the log files give me is things like search terms used … here’s one “about mobiles physics not alabama not phones”, or how about this “fully executable e-government”, or even this “ibuprofen allergies”, or finally “unix error number 111”. I’m not sure if I’m not doing my job or not, as clearly it’s unlikely that those would have found much on this site. Strangely, each term was put in twice – I presume because the answers weren’t believed the first time.

One search that I thought should have found an answer was “what is e-goverment?”. That’s a deep question, but I doubt whoever was looking got the answer that they needed. I really ought to address what it is to me and I’ll do that next week.

Meanwhile, I’m away again for a few days. Be back early next week, so posts will be light (or, more likely, absent) until then.

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