Rumbled … RIP

I mentioned the folks at Stand the other day (which of course is better than not mentioning them), but also noted that I didn’t think I’d come across them when the RIP bill was being publicly dismembered. I am reminded today that I should have done because, as news stories at the time point out, it ‘was them wot done it’. Still, praise and credit where it’s due (obviously I don’t get out much) … just try and keep your website up when it’s in demand 😉

I’ve written about ID cards and ID numbers in the past though (and favourably about the concept, but not so encouragingly about the implementation risks), so although I can follow Stand’s arguments, I don’t agree. But like I said, the nice thing about my job is that I get to stay a long, long way from policy. I wait for that to be done and then deliver against the specification.

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