Time is too short

There’s a lot on my mind these days. Lots of ideas I want to try out and lots of postings I want to comment on or ask questions about. The Blog world expands daily at ever increasing rates – faster than I can keep up with. I really admire the folks that keep their sites uptodate continuously, contributing insight, wit and wisdom all the time.

My day job is getting more intense – we have a new project going out in about 6 weeks which is taking up a lot of time; the end of the financial year is approaching a lot faster than I’d like and we have a couple of big procurements out. Plus, I’ve got a couple of conferences out of town over the next 2-3 weeks which will keep me from posting (and probably give me a bunch more ideas that I’ll want to post). So, expect things to be a bit sparse for a while with most posts happening at the weekend. But don’t stay away!

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