e-mail an official?

Kablenet covered our recent OJEC notice – we’re tendering for a “secure email system” to extend functionality presently in pilot mode in the Government Gateway. This pilot has been running for a little more than a year and has worked pretty well. Now other departments want to use it and they want us to add some functionality.

Kable are not quite right with their title. The service will be all about to and fro correspondence with government departments – whether it’s about tax affairs, benefits or whatever. We’ll provide a secure area for the mail to reside – and the Gateway will authenticate the sender (the member of the public) and ensure that we send tax information only to the right people. It will also allow download (either to the browser or to an application using SOAP) of items like tax statements (the pilot today delivers P6 and P9 statements from the IR to small businesses).

I’m expecting a big response.

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