Broadband blues

I’m having a big problem with my Internet connection. 3 pages out of 4 fail to load – with a 404-type error and it seems random which pages fail. BT say just to power off the router for 3 mins and then everything is fine. Except it’s not. Sometimes reloading the page (F5) works fine, sometimes it doesn’t. Weird problem. But it’s not unlike the problem I was having with my tablet PC a couple of weeks ago where it would randomly freeze. That got so bad that I sent the thing back – having tried fiddling around with memory and whatnot to make it work without success.

So many of my favourite weblogs appear to be offline today (and yesterday too for that matter), even though they’re not. So, much as I’d like to refer to them, I can’t. It will have to wait until the weekend.

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