All websites are created equally bad?

A survey came out today, from some people that looked at government websites a few weeks ago. This time they were looking at FTSE100 sites and noting pretty similar conclusions – not well designed, information buried or not even there and so on. In fact, the quality of many sites had deteriorated since last year despite some rebuilds. The Register notes that these sites are “wallowing in mediocrity“. Either that means we’re not good at website design in the UK (public or private sector), the standards being set are too high, the reviewers aren’t using the right criteria or, most likely, everyone has a view (and it’s always different depending on what your agenda is).

Still, even though it feels like us in government are getting hit all the time, sometimes its nice to see others taking a hit too – whether it’s right, wrong, true or false. It’s just someone else’s turn.

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