e-government, contrary to popular opinion, may not be dead …

KPMG just published a survey which gives some at least upward trending results for potential use of e-government, although they stop very far short of explosive growth predictions. The main statistics in the report, over the next 3 years 19% of people want to use the ‘net as a channel (up from approx 10% today). But 57% people thought that they would deal with their local council electronically and “just over a third claimed that they would vote in a local council or general election (38%); apply for/renew a passport (37%); book an appointment with a GP (37%);get health information via NHS Direct (37%); renew their car tax (36%); notify their council of a fault (35%); or renew their TV licence (34%).

But “less encouragingly, a third (31%) stated that they would not expect to interact electronically at all”

I couldn’t quite box the 19% to the 57% number, but am assuming that the timeframes are different. Anyway, the market is there for the taking – the services just have to be delivered now that match up to those expectations. And something good needs to be done to persuade the 31% of Luddites that there is something worth doing online (I’m assuming that these 31% won’t be interacting electronically at all, not just not using e-goverment services).

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