No.4 on Wired’s list of vapourware for 2002 is the oqo personal computer. I went to see these guys a month ago at their place in San Francisco. Let me tell you that this thing is not vapourware – I’ve seen it, touched it, fiddled with it and know that it works fine. Conjure up a view in your mind of a full-fledged PC shrunk down to the size of an Ipaq, running Windows XP with firewire, bluetooth and WiFi all built in. With a touch screen and a little Blackberry-style keyboard. I hear that they’ll be shipping in April – maybe they’ll be late (what technology product ships on time?), maybe they’ll be very late (but the amount of new technology squeezed into this package is awesome so I can see why they’d be working hard to get it just right) – but they’ll ship. The folks doing this are the folks that brought you the Apple Titanium powerbook amongst other things. They have track record. And once it’s out, mobile computing will have a completely different future.

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