A year of e-government blogging

I’ve been doing this a year … it took a posting from John Gotze to remind me of that, so thank you John (I think it feels like it’s been 12 years). I started with a whole set of different ideas about how this would end up and have only recently, maybe since about september or october, really figured out what I should be posting on this site. It’s about the ideas that are out there, with the ideas that I have mixed together to try and figure out how to take e-government forward. Hopefully I’m getting a bit closer. The stats for the site tell me that more and more people are reading, so something is at least interesting enough to look at. I’m going to keep at it, spurred on by John and by all the others out there who are smarter than me in their own fields. All I have to do is figure out how to take all those smart ideas and apply them to government.

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