Xmas Present

My gift to myself this holiday was one of the new tablet PCs, from HP (although it’s branded Compaq). It’s the one with the detachable keyboard, so you really can use it as a tablet as opposed to always carrying the keyboard around. It’s not bad … downsides are that it gets hot after an hour (battery life is about 3 1/2 hours it seems) and that’s even though it runs on a Transmeta chip; it seems to crash when I try and use my home WiFi link to install software (it doesn’t come with a CD so the only way to install stuff is over WiFi, but I haven’t had it go long enough without crashing to do that). Still, early days; I’ll try and fix the crashing problem. This stuff is though, I think, going to drive some great new apps – ones that realise that you have an interactive screen and then help you use it.

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