That law again

“The law requires the Office of Management and Budget to establish an Office of E-Government and appoint a director. It authorizes Congress to allocate $45 million in fiscal 2004, $50 million in 2005 and $250 million over the following two years for an e-government fund. The measure also institutes tighter IT security standards for agencies that OMB will establish with the help assistance of the National Institute of Standards and Technology” … the USA have completed, I think, the final legal step in establishing an OeE equivalent – with some pretty serious money (can’t quite tell why it is so backloaded, most of e-government implementations are front loaded hump costs with long tails for running costs). Now it’s down to getting the right person in place to run it, allying them closely with Mark Forman (unless, of course, Mark is going to run it too) and giving that person the authority to get on with it.

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