Out of all the press coverage over the last couple of days on e-summits and the like, only one article stands out for me. It’s a small piece in a journal I don’t normally read that tells the story seen from the Benchmarking report (and yes [Bill] I know that sometimes benchmarking is not a good tool but, in this case, it positions us clearly against some other countries and shows where we are weak – and gives us a legitimate focus for effort. That’s far, far better than either no focus or focus on the wrong things). And then it goes on to say, referencing making e-government work effectively, “But it’s a difficult thing to do” and “The scale and complexity of the projects are such as to make them challenge even the most battle hardened project manager. They are tackling these projects though and, gradually, they’re delivering real value at grass roots and corporate level.” Absolutely right. It’s going to happen though. Thank you to IT-Analysis, I’ll read you more often – or maybe it’s just one author, “Jack Of Hearts” (the name gives it all away, he’s obviously get a soft heart).

And there’s even a quote that I like … “Everyone has his day and some days last longer than others.” – Winston Churchill. When my day comes, I hope it’s very, very long.

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