John Gotze’s done it again … he was first with the govblog (ok, so I was first with the egovblog), first with the XML feed and now he’s got an XFML feed. I read what he said and then the links he refers to, I’m not sure I get it yet. Today I wrote to Dave Winer to ask him some questions on RSS. I want to know if I can use RSS to pull up “definitive” content from another site – say I want to find out exactly what “Disability Living Allowance” is, could I use RSS with some parameter or other to a “definitions site” to get the right words? Could I also extend that to delivering personalised content, based on a few keywords, from sites around government in a single consistent thread – i.e. not just links or teasers but the whole text presented in a seamless way? I’m hoping he’ll fill in some gaps in my knowledge.

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