Man cannot be agile alone

Definitely the week for e-government stories – this one even gets to quote C.K. Prahalad, Agile Is As Agile Does. C.K. says “all organizational change has at its root the insight of a single individual” and the article then links that with “the vision of these individuals has lead to real progress that gives palpable life to the notion of E-government”. But another favourite quote from Ron Miller at the FEMA, “my biggest worry every morning is whether we’re doing all we can to use technology the best we can”. I’m nearly on that page. My biggest fear is that we’re going to have to use more technology to get what we want, whereas I’d like to retrench with what we’ve got, make it secure, make it reliable, make it do the job. I’m not yet convinced that all of this stuff is ready for prime-time, mission critical status. And I think we’re a long way from that readiness.

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