I don’t need another website

Here’s an interview with Mark Forman, the USA e-envoy equivalent talking shop about e-government. I don’t think I’ve come across an interview with him before. Best quote? Easy. “We had 22,000-plus Web sites, and more than 30 million documents and Web pages. Now, it’s up to 180 million documents and pages. We’re online, but the issue is how effective and efficient the federal government is in serving the citizens.” A week ago in Romania I guessed that there were 30,000 sites at a Federal level and perhaps 100,000 including state and local government. Looks like I might have been conservative. This is government’s biggest problem. We still think like government when we talk to people – and noone takes the citizen’s view. We need people who are going to champion the view of the people and lay it on the line to make sure that the services that are delivered are important for the citizen, not important for government.

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