No wonder I’m no techie

Been having some fun and games today. My limited knowledge of all things technical meant that I killed the template that I use for this Blog. I couldn’t find a way to get it back, so I thought I’d use the loss as an excuse to do a new one – Blogger (it turns out) has quite a big choice. I’m not much of a fan of this green and as soon as I can figure out the hex code of something more palatable, I’ll change that. But I’ve got the titles working, added some links to people I read a lot (in no special order) and got the archives on the front page too – I’d prefer one of those little calendars that you just click the date on but can’t find out how to do that. Some other time. As a complete non-techie the process was a bit of a challenge – make a change, publish, check it’s ok, (it’s not), do it again … repeat until true. No wonder content management systems exist.

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