Dubai offline

Over the last 12 months I’ve made 3 trips to Dubai, each time mixing a bit of business and lots of pleasure – it’s a great place for a beach holiday. Kablenet note today that there’s a revamped portal available that lets you do 100 transactions and more. When I was last out there, I think the Prince was throwing out the incumbent IT supplier and bringing in a new one, so perhaps this is the fruits of their labour. Sadly, the link from the Kablenet site doesn’t seem to work (it’s certainly one of the most convoluted URLs I’ve seen and it even has “http” in it twice … So, I tried the obvious That gave me the message “Notice: This is not the official page of H.H. The Ruler’s Court. This page was constructed only to provide access to other web pages hosted by H.H. The Ruler’s Court”. But in turn, didn’t actually allow me to “access” any pages. I know that Dubai has strong ambitions to be fully electronic sooner than others and also that, when I last looked, they have done some good stuff. I’ll check back some other time and see if they’ve fixed whatever this problem is. Who knows, I might want to go and work there one day so it would be great if I could do that online!

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