Honest Alan

Honest, Alan – I just want to encourage some healthy scepticism, here as everywhere” says Bill T … Absolutely right. The more, the better. Don’t for a minute think that I don’t want to hear the questions asked. I’m still reeling from the Kablenet healthy scepticism that said we should abandon the 100% online target. I sat in a meeting today where that view was held by at least a few people round the table. They said 80% would be fine as that’s all we’ll do (after, Burial At Sea is probably not going to make it online – imagine, if it does and people start to want it, the online revolution could rescue the British shipbuilding industry). So … if 80%, why not 75% or 83% … and which ones do we not do? Too hard to think about – much better to set a goal and go for it and with the change to the target recently that said “key services seeing high levels of take-up”, then we have a bit of extra impetus to make sure that we don’t just shovel stuff online and have no-one use it. That would be a waste. And there’s already enough of that.

What gets measured gets done. No idea who said that, but it seems apt.

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