OeE roasted (again)

The OeE comes in for a bit of a burning from John Lettice at the Register this week. The regular monthly report to the Prime Minister was published recently. Well, it’s nearly regular – we skipped August because everyone was on holiday and then, I guess, by the time September came round no-one had done much because they’d all been on holiday in August. So, it’s October and here’s the report. If you’ve visited the OeE site before, you’ll see that it’s been redesigned and now looks a lot like ukonline. Good stuff. Anyway, John makes some good points as usual. The important thing, for me, is that demand for e-government services is increasing – whether it’s getting the Iraqi dossier online, sending in your Self Assessment form or using the Government Gateway (and, to address the point he makes, the Gateway works fine with Mozilla, always has done. What doesn’t work is digital certificates and that’s down to certificate technology vendors writing applets to handle it. They haven’t). And John’s right, the SA system is nothing specifically to do with the OeE … except that it runs through the Gateway and that we spend a lot of time working with IR to help with the next releases – there’s one due any day now.

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